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Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple, Ernakulam Tirumala Devaswom or T D Temple as it is commonly known is on T D Road, Ernakulam, Cochin.This temple was established in 1727 A.D. with Sri Lakshmi Venkatesha as the chief deity. Other deities like Sri Mahalakshmy, Sri Ganapathy, Sri Hanuman and Sri Garuda were installed later on. Since then renovations have been done from time to time. ---.visit the site for more

Sri Panduranga Mandir, Sri Sukratendra Kalamandir, Kamath Lane, Near Railway Station, Calicut was inaugurated on 4th May 1969. The Vittobha Rukmi idol made from Krishnashila by the famous sculptor Gopal Shenoy was consecrated by Srimat Sudheendra Tirtha Swamiji of Kashi Mutt.---.visit the site for more

First GSB Temple in Kerala. Pratishtha by the first Guru of Shri Kashi Math. He consecrated the idol on way back to Kashi after Sethusnana in Shri Rameshwaram-visit the site for more




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Mandir Complex FamilyCelebrations *Kutumbakam*

Sree KulaDevatha Mandir Complex .Ambalamedu,Kochi,Kerala  is the sacred place where all the eight "KulaDevathas" -our 'Family Deities" are installed at one complex. by our Parama Poojaneeya Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji   for the betterment of our community and world at large.The deities are: Sri MahaGanapathi,Sri Lakshmi Narasimha  MahaMaya,Sri Navadurga,Sri Ramanath Santheri Kamakshi,,Sri Mahalasa Narayani,Sri Damodar,Sri Devaki Krishna  Ravalnath,Sri Nagesh Baneshwar  .

Special occasions such as Wedding /Birthday /New-arrival/Upanayanam Grihapravesha are the celebrations with spiritual and religious significance in ones' family. These are the times for one to make yatra to kuladevatha temples and seek blessings  of family-deities i.e. Kuladevatha .' Kards' is another feature in this channel


Our scriptures emphasize on the concept of  World is a single large family Happily ,we can put this into practice by, Satsang.SeniorCitzens, Prashnavali    




Do you  want to announce or celebrate an upcoming Wedding ,New Arrival or any other family special event??.
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 We  design a page  for all your family occasion needs!  Yes we even do pages for  Griha Pravesh  and Namakaran .We will build your special event web page right here in our site so that visitors can record greetings on your guest book.For FREE basic service just submit the forms  at page Family-CELEBRATIONS;for premium service,please  Click here for Features_and_Fee

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About 5,000 years ago a sage was born. He was not an ordinary sage but a sage of sages. Because of his dark complexion he was named Krishna and because he was born in an island near Kalpi in the River Yamuna, his name bore an addition of Dwaipayana. Although he was Krishna Dwaipayana, later on, on account of his yeoman services for the preservation and propagation of Vedas he got the title of Vedavyasa.---.visit the site for more

Before the establishment of the temple, the Gsbs in Hosdurg had to go to Venkatramana temple at Kasargod for worship. In those days due to lack of transportation facilities, the devotees had to reach the temple which is about 35 kms away by foot. ---.visit the site for more

It is the Venkatramana Temple, an amalgamation of glory, faith and architecture that strikes the mind and stands tall when Karkala is mentioned. With its hoary past, the temple is the hub of all religious and cultural activities of the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins. A place of reverence and devotion for many. Visit website for more.



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