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II Sri Mahaganapathaye Namaha II

            Sri Mahaganapathi
H.H.Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji

At the time of Prathishta of   Sri Kula Devatha Mandir Complex 


Sri Vinayak Chathurthi and Marg Sheersha Shukla Paksha 


are celebrated at this temple every year

 Sri Mahaganapathi /Sri Mahamaya Temple


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Shri Mahaganapathi & Shri Mahamaya

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Shri Pete Vinayaka Shantadurga /Shri Mahaganapathi Mahamaya Temple Shirali

The Shirali Mahaganapathi Mahamaya Temple is an ancient temple situated in the southern part of the Bhatkal taluk in North Kanara.

According to historical records, the Gowda Saraswath Bhramins families of Prabhu, Shenoy, Kamthi, Kini, Kudva, and Pai—who earlier resided in Goa—migrated to the south to avoid the forceful conversion by the Portuguese in 1540 AD. This included ancestors who were serving the Shri Vinayaka and Shri Shanthadurga temples in Naveli and Golthi. They moved to Bhatkal four hundred years ago with the sacred mask of the deity Ganesha, a silver trunk, other sacred articles from the temples and installed the deity at Shirali .

In 1904, the new garbhagudi was constructed and the two deities were re-installed in the temple. In 1971 Shrimath Sudhindra Sripadangal presided over the activities of the temple and introduced poojas, sevas and various construction works. The main poojas conducted at the Shirali temple are the Ganahoma, Sahasrachandikahavana, Shasraganayaga and Rathotsav.


In 1971-72, the front block of the temple was constructed and accommodation for the temple priests in 1974. In 1986, yagna mantap construction work was also started.

Since then various efforts have been made to improve the services at the temple with financial help from devoted members of the Konkani community.

The temple has a large following and is also the 'family temple' of several Konkani families who come to pay their respects after every auspicious occasion in the family such as a wedding, birth of a child etc. or even in times of distress to make vows to the deity and ask for blessings.

Temple adddress
Shri Mahaganapathi Mahamaya Temple 
Shirali - 581 354
Uttara Kannada,
Karnataka, India.


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