Sri Kuladevatha Prasanna

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Sri  Mahamaya Lakhsmi Narasimha


Sri  Mahamaya Lakhsmi Narasimha
Sri Mahamaya is worshipped  here in various name such as :

  • Sri Aryadurga

  • Sri Navadurga

  • Sri Shanthadurga 

  • Sri Karthyayani 

Gauri Thratheeya, Durgaasthami and Sri Nrisimha Jayanthi are celebrated here every year.

This temple is second in the series of eight Kuladevatha Mandirs ,while travelling towards north after entering through Mahadwar of the temple complex.

  shantadurga1.jpg (31657 bytes)Sri Shanthadurga Temple in Goa .There is a beautiful website on Sri Navadurga Temple in Goa,for which link is given in the Links-Yatra page .

















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