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Sri Nagesh Baneshwar

Sri Nagesh Temple at Sri Kuladevatha Mandir complex,Ambalamedu ,Kochi,Kerala 

Mahashivarathri is celebrated here every year

Shri Nagesh Maharudra is the Kula-Deva (family deity) of the saraswat families of Kaushik , Vatsa and Bharadwaj gotras of the following surnames: 

Kaushik Gotra : Nayak Pratap Rau Sardesai, Nayak Gaunekar, Nayak Gaunkar, Nayak Dhaimadkar, Nayak Vadiye, Nayak Bhatkar, Nayak Namashikar, Nayak Palanga, Nayak Khavante, Nayak Bandiwadekar, Nayak Karmali, Nayak Kurade, Nayak, Ullal Nayak, Harekal Nayak, Manel Nayak,Bengre Nayak, Nayak Herkar, Nayak Nandgadkar, Nayak Rangain, Nayak Cholba, Kelkar, Junvale, Bhat Upponi, Chandraghatgi, Shanbhag, Shenai, Konchady Shenai, Shenavi Kerkar, Shenavi Priolkar, Bekal Rao, Khot, Nayak Padabidri, Karmarkar, Rao, Gundbale Nayak, Benne Nayak. 
Vasta Gotra: Pai, Shenavi, Kamat Panvelkar, Kamat Amembal, Shenavi Bodke, Mallya, Kamat Elekar, Shiv Kamat, Kaikini, Asgekar. Bharadwaj Gotra: Prabhu 
In addition, the saraswat families of Dhempe and Charse are worshippers of Shri Nagesh. In the same way, the Daivadnya families of Bandodkar, Acharekar, Mankame, Halgekar surnames and Borkar, Fadte, Kundaikar, Desai, Bandodkar, Jambotkar, Kudtarkar, Juvali, Mithari families of Maratha community are also worshipping this Deity. Note: There is a beautiful website devoted to Sri Nagesh link for which is available under name Konchady Shenoy family   at LINKS-Yatra page of this site



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Shri Nagesh Temple at Ponda,Goa
Shri Nagesh temple is a "Swayambhu" Shrine of Lord Shankar and is known for its miraculous myths. The consecration of its 
Shivlinga is of ancient times, the history of which is not available at present, except a reference in the folk songs. The environs-known as Nagzar- had in the past a grove of ;Shami; trees. A legend has it that a cow-boy noticed that cow from his herd used to visit the place regularly and showed its milk. This led to the discovery of the Shivlinga. The surroundings are highly pleasing and are enriched by ranges of hills on the three sides. The river Aghanashini 
flows on its fourth side. A nalla flows all the year round through the heart of the village and on its either side one would find the oscillating dark green fields. There are a 
number of springs found in several places in the surrounding hills with areca plantations. Bhagwan Samba Shri Nagesh Maharudra has his abode in this delightful and fascinating spot.






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